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Volunteer – Lexington Fairness 2020

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Lexington Fairness is looking for individuals who are interested in taking an active, working role in the leadership of the Organization. Whether working as a member of a leader of a committee or serving on the board, there are many opportunities for you to be even more active in the work for justice and equality. Today, we have several committees that serve the needs of the Organization.

Programming & Education Committee

Visibility is an important part of building a broad-based, positive image of the LGBT community in the general public.  Our Programming & Education Committee is responsible for the critical aspects of Lexington Fairness, including development of our bullying prevention program, Project Speak Out, presenting classroom presentations, speaking at various events, and other programming initiatives adopted by the Lexington Fairness Board of Directors.  The ideal Programming & Education committee participant is an outgoing and friendly person who loves to spread the word for fairness, while working behind the scenes to make the changes needed to ensure the best for the community.

special events committee

Throwing and participating in awareness events is crucial to Lexington Fairness.  The Special Events Committee is responsible for organizing the details for events approved by the Lexington Fairness Board of Directors, such as the annual Lexington Fairness Awards, participation in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom March, Fourth of July Festival and Parade, Lexington Pride Festival, and other events as necessary. These are not only events organized by Lexington Fairness, such as the Lexington Fairness Awards, but also events thrown by our community and other organizations in which Lexington Fairness finds it pertinent to participate. We’re looking for people with high energy and drive, willing to work with the small details to make each event successful, educational, and a forward step toward fairness.
If you would like to take a more active leadership role in the work for Fairness, please contact our volunteer coordinator at (859) 951-8565 or click here to volunteer.
We look forward to working with you!