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Legal Protection & Advocacy – Lexington Fairness 2020

What We Do

Legal Protection & advocacy

One of the main accomplishments in Lexington Fairness’ legacy is advocating for the passage or opposition to legislation affecting the LGBTQ+ community throughout Central Kentucky. The journey towards Fairness is ever-evolving and we are committed to using our time, talents, and resources to continue this advocacy. 

Currently, Lexington Fairness is working as a member of the state-wide Fairness Coalition to pressure Frankfort to pass a statewide Fairness law to protect all Kentuckians from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations. 

There are also efforts to pass legislation banning the antiquated and harmful practice of so-called “Conversion Therapy” of minors in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Every leading medical organization has deemed this practice ineffective at best and deeply harmful at its worst. In addition to joining the chorus of voices calling for action in Frankfort, we will also be advocating for a local ordinance to do away with this shameful pseudo-science in Fayette County. Please join us in these efforts by contacting your council members and state legislators.

(Bills to: restore VA benefits for veterans discharged under DADT; opposing any legislation to restrict affirming medical care for trans youth; opposing any legislation to allow for discrimination of transgender youth in sports)