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LGBTQ+ Healthcare – Lexington Fairness 2020

What We Do

lgbtq+ healthcare

The Lexington community is fortunate to have strong advocates and programing at UK Healthcare. Transform Health is an affirming place for people to receive regular and specialized care. Patients are able to receive prescriptions for PrEP which is a medication that, “can stop HIV from taking hold and spreading throughout your body,” when taken daily. Transform Health also provides hormone replacement therapy for adults over the age of 18; currently they do not have a pediatric specialist to provide hormone therapy to those under 18. 


Lexington Fairness is working to advance equitable healthcare coverage in Fayette County by working with the city to ensure that the insurance provided for city employees includes gender-affirming treatments. Lexington Fairness will make it a priority to provide materials regarding LGBTQ+ healthcare at various events. 


Lexington Fairness is also working to bring an end to the medically-dubious practice of Conversion Therapy in Fayette County. Every leading medical and psychological association in the United States have discredited this harmful practice. We must take action to ensure that our LGBTQ+ youth are protected from this unscientific and damaging “treatment.”