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Programs & Advocacy – Lexington Fairness 2020

What We Do

Programs & Advocacy in our community


— Book Project

Supplying affirming literature to school libraries allows educators and students materials to bolster discussion around inclusion and living authentically, and hopefully to also decrease rates of harassment and bullying of our LGBTQ+ youth.

— Legal Protection

One of the main accomplishments in Lexington Fairness’ legacy is advocating for the passage or opposition to legislation affecting the LGBTQ+ community throughout Central Kentucky. The journey towards Fairness is ever-evolving and we are committed to using our time, talents, and resources to continue this advocacy. 


— LGBTQ Healthcare

Lexington Fairness is working to advance equitable healthcare coverage in Fayette County by working with the city to ensure that the insurance provided for city employees includes gender-affirming treatments. Fairness will make it a priority to provide materials regarding LGBTQ+ healthcare at various events. 


At great personal risk, our Community’s outspoken trailblazers forged the very paths of equality and social justice we both enjoy and strive to broaden today.  It is their strong and resilient foundation of PRIDE and their galvanizing vision that empowers us to stand tall, to speak out, and to live authentically.

— Fairness Awards

Lexington Fairness is proud to have forged community-wide awareness which includes includes regular outreach to mailing list subscribers, attendance at community events, involvement with grassroots advocacy organization, speaking with students at area colleges and presenting the highly publicized Fairness Awards.

This project has evolved into its current form to fight bullying and discrimination of LGBT youth in Central Kentucky schools.  Lexington Fairness will provide Central Kentucky’s educators, counselors, school administrators and other staff with the vital information they need regarding LGBT youth bullying and suicide.

MEI Score

In 2019, Lexington-Fayette County received its highest score to date on the Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index. We received a 93 out of a possible 100. Lexington Fairness is working to ensure that we receive a perfect score. Lexington can raise its score by offering trans-inclusive health coverage for city employees and by passing a local ban of Conversion Therapy. 
MEI committee of LFUCG (have yet to meet, but it’s established–may be worth listing CMs on the committee so folks know who to contact directly if they’re inclined)

We encourage you to consider making a tax deductible donation to Lexington Fairness 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Lexington Fairness is looking for individuals and businesses to provide support to make our events and programs possible.

Looking to get involved & makes a difference in the lives of the LGBTQ+ community? Volunteer today!